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Industrial Maintenance Mechanics


Industrial maintenance mechanics play a key role in all facets of maintenance throughout the facility. They are instrumental not only in keeping the facility operational, but also in driving effectiveness, efficiency and profitability through the functions that they fulfill. The responsibilities of maintenance mechanics make an impact in nearly every area of an industrial operation — in ways large and small. These all add up to the solid maintenance foundation required for any successful facility.

As skilled industrial machinery mechanics with the required breadth and depth of experience and knowledge become increasingly difficult to find — with seasoned workers retiring and younger workers pursuing more specialized trade skills — these roles may remain unfilled in industrial facilities. Outsourced industrial maintenance mechanics can provide a solution to these problems, bringing your facility to an optimal performance level.

The benefits of skilled industrial maintenance mechanics

Maintenance mechanics provide a range of benefits across the facility. These important members of your operation can boost results and success in the following ways:

  • Improved equipment life span and quality through maintenance: A primary responsibility for industrial machinery mechanics is conducting scheduled maintenance, ensuring that preventive steps are carried out regularly, correctly and according to schedule. Having the right resources on hand is a key component in ensuring that maintenance occurs when it should, which in turn plays a major role in extending the service life of equipment.

In addition, well-maintained equipment will produce increased quality, with tighter tolerances, fewer defects and improved overall productivity. Skilled mechanics can also interpret and act on diagnostics for predictive maintenance.

  • Expert troubleshooting and problem solving: With an experienced, highly qualified maintenance mechanic, you gain the benefit of expertise and experience with a wide range of potential maintenance issues. If large-scale problems such as unexpected shutdowns occur, a mechanic will be your first line of defense. He or she examines technical drawings and blueprints, inspects equipment, and identifies the source of problems. From here, the mechanic can develop a plan of action to remedy the issue and prevent it from occurring once more.
  • Part reliability: With dedicated industrial maintenance mechanics, you will have the resources on hand to identify repairs needed for unexpected issues as soon as they take place. As they gain experience in the facility, mechanics will develop an understanding of each machine and will be better equipped to provide a long-term solution.
  • Training and counsel: Beyond their services with machinery, industrial machinery mechanics are also a primary source of training and knowledge transfer for new personnel. They should play a role in instilling a maintenance mindset throughout the facility. In addition, mechanics are able to provide valuable advice on the state of equipment. They offer insight into repair versus replace pros and cons, and help to develop and implement new maintenance technology such as sensors, IIoT technologies and predictive maintenance.
Man pointing thermographic imaging device at equipment.

What does a maintenance mechanic do?

What does an industrial maintenance mechanic do? The below roles and responsibilities illustrate the broad range of functions that these high-value parts of your operation can fulfill. The nature of the industrial mechanic role is such that these are only examples. A skilled, experienced mechanic should be equipped to execute nearly any maintenance-related function that you may require:

  • Carry out scheduled maintenance: Maintenance mechanics strive to ensure a scheduled maintenance task is never delayed, and that equipment is operating to spec as efficiently and safely as possible.
  • Troubleshoot difficult issues: When unexpected shutdowns or breakdowns occur, their cause is not always obvious. Industrial maintenance mechanics possess the experience and expertise to troubleshoot nearly any issue — including the ability to consult and understand technical drawings for unfamiliar equipment or issues.
  • Identify maintenance technology opportunities: Today’s mechanics are also equipped with the expertise to advise facility managers on new technology opportunities that can boost productivity and bottom-line success, such as predictive maintenance.
  • Implement new maintenance technology and practices: When new technology is green-lit, maintenance mechanics play a role in implementing the technology, developing processes and assuring the full potential of benefits is reached.
  • Exemplify and share the maintenance mindset: Skilled maintenance mechanics embody a maintenance mindset, setting an example for all members of the organization that maintenance can provide a major productivity boost and should be treated as a key asset.

What industries benefit from industrial maintenance mechanics?

Numerous companies and industries can gain value and bottom-line benefits from incorporating skilled industrial maintenance mechanics into their workforce. All of these industries have been affected by the technical skills gap, and can further benefit from maintenance services that fulfill these staffing needs.

These industries include:

Technical workforce solution and benefits

At ATS, we pioneered our Technical Workforce Solution to solve the looming technical skills gap; maintain excellence in maintenance; and help industrial facilities continue operating effectively and successfully while overcoming any potential staffing issues. We specialize in recruiting the right technical personnel so that they are able to continually develop, learn and provide the best possible services to our customers. We do this all while taking the burden of recruiting, hiring, HR management and retention off your shoulders. Our mission is to provide facilities like yours with a full range of technical talent with superior skill sets and safety excellence. To discuss your needs and how we can help, contact us today.

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