Reclaim your supply chain

MRO procurement and supply chain leaders have the potential to encounter a host of inefficiencies leading to operational difficulties: inaccurate inventory control, inconsistent storeroom practices, supply chain unpredictability, fluctuating costs and more.

Data-driven procurement solutions from ATS can help. By implementing cutting-edge technology to track and monitor maintenance inventory, technicians can fulfill tasks more efficiently and effectively. Supply chain technology provides high-level insights that can aid in planning, supplier communication and more.

Operations Unnecessary Costs

Control costs with one maintenance and MRO supplier

Improve Inventory Storeroom

Improve inventory accuracy and storeroom efficiencies

Use data to lower costs

Use data to lower parts costs and ensure availability

Manage special projects

Manage special and capital projects with cost-savings

Through technology combined with MRO expertise, we provide data-driven procurement processes that reduce costs and increase productivity.

Improved production at a lower cost

In an increasingly data-driven industrial landscape, the procurement and supply chain functions can enjoy vast benefits by adopting new technology-driven tactics for efficiency and improvement.

Through our strategic channel partners and leveraged supply chain network we help locate hard-to-find parts, drive more accurate inventory control, more efficient maintenance and greater control over costs and logistics.

  • Optimization of on-hand and just-in-time parts
  • Increase production through streamlined processes
  • More efficient ordering reduces downtime and costs

Lower procurement costs, more efficient maintenance

Unplanned downtime can destroy deadlines, increase costs and damage customer relationships. Missing maintenance inventory is often a key culprit of extended shutdowns. Our procurement support services help ensure that the parts you need are there when you need them, and that you are able to acquire them quickly and efficiently — even if obsolete or difficult to source.

  • Our expertise helps you determine your needs and find suppliers who are most likely to help you
  • We offer support when it comes to managing your transactions with suppliers
  • Our MRO supply chain management capabilities ensure the logistics involved in your procurement strategy run as smoothly as possible
“ATS helped us find even more savings this year.”
– Leading building products manufacturer

Finding value in an MRO partner

A partner that specializes in industrial maintenance, supply chain and MRO — like ATS — offers numerous benefits for value-add, efficiency and streamlining. The partnership can provide spend commitments, rebates, training, storeroom optimization and more that in the long-term will grow bottom line cost savings that may not be apparent in an initial RFP price comparison.

Driving cost savings

With expertise across a broad range of industrial services that drive plant performance and cost savings, ATS can help you implement a maintenance and MRO program that delivers the improved plant efficiency you need.

Winning together

We pride ourselves in the quality service and measurable results we deliver to our customers. Check out our customer successes in the resources section.

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