The global need for cost-effective electrical power is on the rise. To keep pace with increased factory automation, expanding data centers, greater demand on electrical utilities, and newly integrated alternative and distributed energy sources, facilities require reliable power distribution components that ensure efficiency, stability and safety.

For power distribution system operators and manufacturers alike, unplanned downtime is extremely costly, risky and inconvenient.

For operators – stable, sustainable load flow across all components of a system is key for uninterrupted, safe operation. For manufacturers – unplanned downtime can mean delays in production and missed deadlines.

In both cases, predictive and proactive maintenance strategies can maximize uptime by alerting operators and manufacturers to potential issues early — affording them greater planning and control over downtime with personnel ready to take action.

Services and Skills for Effective Maintenance

Power distribution maintenance services from ATS fulfill several critical needs for power distribution manufacturers. We offer extensive expertise in developing the right maintenance strategies to minimize downtime, increase equipment productivity, and extend equipment and component service life. We also utilize sophisticated predictive analysis tools to help assure that your maintenance schedules are optimized and that you are able to control downtime.

In addition to strategy, our industrial electrical maintenance services provide you with skilled technicians that have expertise in procedures for complex components including distribution boards, control assemblies, busways, switchgear systems and more.

With ATS as your power distribution maintenance services partner, you gain access to expertise in optimizing asset availability and performance to increase productivity and performance. We are ready to provide our services as the right partner for you.