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Predictive and condition-based maintenance technologies can boost efficiency, productivity, safety and more – yet many organizations struggle to adopt new technology due to the lack of technical talent to deploy and scale.

Manufacturers deal with daily pressures and challenges and it’s hard to find the time and resources to focus on implementing technology at their plants. By partnering with an outsourced technology provider like ATS, manufacturers take the burden off of themselves relying on reliability experts to help them utilize technology to their advantage – predicting impending work with data-driven insights and preventing unplanned downtime as a result.

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Accelerating industry 4.0 through remote monitoring

Learn the struggles many manufacturers are facing and how forward-thinking ones are tying industrial technologies for a more effective, resilient operation.

“Because of the new-age technologies ATS utilizes, our plant runs smoother and safer.” – Leading Aerospace Manufacturer

ATS technology FAQs

How is ATS using Industry 4.0?

With the rapid development of new, complex industrial technologies, we understand providing an easier, more predictive maintenance program and strategy to our customers has become a necessity. Our remote monitoring and analysis expertise through the latest sensor technologies allows us to drive a more proactive approach to maintenance.

What types of technology does ATS provide?

We offer many predictive maintenance services to fit your plant floor needs including wireless sensors. By incorporating sensor technology, proprietary dashboards and analytics within our machine health monitoring system, we track key metrics on critical assets and provide actionable insights for on-site maintenance teams.

What metrics can you measure with the ATS Machine Health Monitoring System?

Our current sensor offering monitors vibration and temperature, but our engineering teams can design a solution that can monitor more specific metrics like fluid velocity, pressure or humidity based on the application that is important to you.

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