Solving the widespread industry challenge of finding top-tier technical talent in manufacturing has never been more difficult.

A high degree of strategic planning and expertise in the area of factory maintenance performance is required when looking to successfully recruit, train and retain a highly skilled technical workforce. If your organization is struggling to fill gaps in your technical workforce, you are not alone. Research shows that 84% of executives agree there is a shortage of technical labor in U.S. manufacturing, leaving companies scrambling to overcome maintenance staffing challenges to find and keep quality talent.

ATS knows these challenges well. With decades of experience in factory maintenance, the foundation of our service delivery and performance is built to keep the skills gap from disrupting our customers’ success. Today, our Technical Workforce Solution can provide you with maintenance technician staffing, drawing on a full range of highly skilled technical talent across various functional areas, from reliability engineering, to factory equipment maintenance, to automation services and more. Our Technical Workforce Solution is a safety-trained, multi-crafted workforce that collaborates with your staff to meet daily production objectives and solves difficult engineering or maintenance issues with exceptional reliability.

Industries that benefit from our Technical Workforce Solution include, but are not limited to: aerospace, automotive, building products, consumer packaged goods, heavy equipment, paper and pulp, and tire and rubber. In these process and discrete environments, our manufacturing workforce solution fulfills the maintenance, function to reduce downtime, implement operational efficiencies, maintain high-quality standards, provide safety excellence and more.