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Retain ownership of your maintenance strategy without the burden of recruiting

Between industry-wide maintenance staffing challenges and retiring talent, finding technically skilled employees has never been harder. In fact, by 2030, it’s predicted there will be 2.1 million unfilled manufacturing positions. As technical talent becomes more challenging to find, you need to make sure your maintenance team is fully staffed to avoid downtime and decreased efficiency.

Our skilled technical workforce offers an alternative for manufacturers struggling to find skilled talent through generic staffing agencies or relying on internal recruiting. We deliver skilled technicians and supervisors to help fill your skills gap and increase productivity for as long as you need. We recruit, train and retain our manufacturing workforce, so you can focus on what you do best — running your operations.


Access proven acquisition strategies

Through our technical workforce solution, you gain access to the best technicians and supervisors in your market. Our recruiting team uses the latest technologies and analytics to attract top talent for your unique production environment.

  • Proven talent recruitment
  • Leading employee benefits

Stay ahead of demand

An investment in manufacturing workforce development is an investment in your business. We prioritize skill set development, so our multi-craft technicians arrive at your plant ready to perform.

  • 75,000 hours of training provided to our technicians annually on average
  • Continuous, lab-based curriculum tailored to each manufacturer’s equipment
  • Electronic and mechanical plus advanced training in CNC, PLC, robotics and more

Utilize technology to prevent unplanned downtime

As a technology-driven predictive maintenance services provider, we combine cutting-edge technologies and industry-leading data analytics with reliability expertise to help you detect real-time issues before they cause an unexpected failure.

  • Engineering Implement Predictive Maintenance
    Reduce reactive maintenance

    Utilizing sensors to monitor machine health allows you to be proactive before failures, downtime, and added costs can occur

  • Time clock
    Improve labor efficiency

    Maintenance teams are able to be more productive with their time and focus on priority tasks vs putting out fires in a reactive state

  • svg3
    Get technical support

    Rely on us to provide the remote monitoring, data analytics, and reliability expertise needed to prevent unplanned downtime

Lead with a safety mindset

A safe workplace starts with a commitment to safety culture. ATS technicians bring best-in-class safety procedures to your site, helping you prioritize employee well-being while reducing recordable incidents.

  • 50% lower recordable incident rate than industry average
  • Beyond Zero safety culture prioritizes compliance with employee well-being

Take the hassle out of finding skilled maintenance talent

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