Electronic Boards

Data entry & collection

A combination of data-based factors including equipment performance, repair schedules, parts availabilities, and critical need analysis is documented

Improve Inventory Storeroom

Inventory accuracy & reporting

Through our on-site crib attendant and 5S methodology, we ensure the right parts are in the right place at the right time

Continuous Improvement Culture

MRO storeroom efficiency

When properly stocked, organized, and maintained, your maintenance storeroom will be a driver of continuous improvement and cost savings

Your storeroom could be hiding avoidable costs

In many factories, the parts crib is an afterthought. But we know it’s a place where savings, greater productivity and improved performance can be found — enough to impact your entire manufacturing operation. Our storeroom management services help drive efficiency, minimize downtime due to lack of parts, improve technician utilization and increase business insights through monthly reporting.

Comprised of several material management disciplines, our solution is a powerful way to drive MRO to a new level of value. Our on-site program brings parts standardization, greater efficiencies and cost savings to your overall manufacturing operation. With fully trained ATS personnel staffed in your storeroom, you will have the process expertise and equipment know-how to right-size your inventory, reduce inventory spend, improve parts tracking and distribution, and extend the life of your machines.


5S methodology

For a more efficient maintenance storeroom, we take industry best practices to implement and maintain an organized parts storeroom

  • Removes excess/obsolete parts and cleans/organizes the storeroom
  • Standardizes documentation, trains and implements processes
  • Promotes a culture of continuous improvement

Increase manufacturing efficiency

Competing production and business goals leave priorities like successful MRO storeroom procedures and management on the back burner — turning what could have been an efficient, organized cost-saver into a cost center.

  • Inventory levels are optimized
  • Parts consumption and spending is reduced
  • Maintenance team utilization is improved

Organization leads to optimization

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Learn how we take storeroom efficiency to a new level with our comprehensive approach to maintenance storeroom management from ATS thought leaders and industry experts.

MRO storeroom management for manufacturers

Our storeroom solutions and best-in-class processes deliver measurable results across process and discrete manufacturing, optimizing business functions across organizations.

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