Lean manufacturing has driven inventory to practically zero and eliminated supply chain buffers. Product quality and safety are non-negotiable. The new model launch cadence is increasing. Automation is driving down costs, yet demanding higher technical support capabilities.

This is 21st Century automotive manufacturing. It’s a globally competitive industry where margins are thin. Every manufacturer succeeds or fails on their ability to give the customer exactly what they want, when they need it, and at a lower price than the competition. Survival depends on maintaining focus.

Advanced technical skills for complex equipment

Maintenance is complex in the modern, capital-intensive automotive plant. Automated machinery needs preventative and predictive maintenance from technicians who understand technology. Robots, machine vision and automated inspection systems need advanced skills that are in short supply in today’s aging workforce. ATS’ skilled maintenance technicians are well-versed in both the traditional mechanical and electrical trades, as well as, the latest controls’ technologies.

Focusing on maintenance takes attention from the other challenges a plant manager faces.  ATS’ factory maintenance and MRO solutions lift this burden, using industry best practices to maximize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) while controlling costs and providing continuous improvement.

Services that keep production running

ATS offers a full suite of factory maintenance and MRO asset management services.  From preventative and predictive maintenance to storeroom and repairable parts management, meeting the needs of the fast-paced automotive industry and providing increased asset availability while controlling costs.