Currently, the United States represents the world’s largest market for gypsum products. Factors like strong recovery in building construction, spending in both developed and emerging markets, and large-scale industrialization are expected to drive this market in the short and medium terms.

With this impressive market growth, building products manufacturers need their equipment operating at peak performance to meet tight production schedules and full performance targets. In continuous flow plants, performance is measured on equipment utilization and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). If a plant’s building product industrial maintenance program doesn’t meet its requirements, reliability and plant performance suffer.

We Keep Production Moving 

It’s a fact, poorly maintained equipment breaks down more often, causing costly unplanned downtime and wreaking havoc with delivery schedules. We understand executing reliability strategies and keeping to building product manufacturer preventive maintenance schedules to increase uptime and lower costs can be challenging. As a leading building product industrial maintenance provider, ATS has the experience and solutions to solve those problems for you.

In highly mechanical environments like building products manufacturing, alignment procedures, lubrication programs, belt installations and vibration monitoring are just some of the tasks our skilled technicians perform as part of our building product manufacturers industrial maintenance programs. Our building product industrial repair services and expertise include tailored solutions for mills, wet-ends, take-offs, kilns/dryers, bundlers, and both wet and dry transfer systems.

ATS Delivers

With over three decades of experience developing and driving reliability improvements, ATS knows how to deliver results for our customers in the building products industry. Our aligned people, processes and technologies help ensure each plant stays up and running at peak efficiency through our building product manufacturer industrial repair solutions. And we understand business demands change over time, so we work with you to scale our workforce up or down to meet your changing needs.

Using data-driven analytics, ATS utilizes asset performance metrics in planning and prioritizing maintenance activities to provide optimal uptime and avoid unplanned downtime. When down day planning is necessary, we methodically execute the maintenance work schedule with the necessary tools, parts and resources to ensure the day goes smoothly — and startup is successful.

When ATS manages the maintenance function, it allows our building products customers to focus on their core business of producing and selling quality products at the lowest cost to produce.