Put uptime into high gear

To meet growing customer demands and combat challenging environmental conditions in the metalworking manufacturing process, a focus on safety and quality are fundamental to operational success. Our award-winning safety culture, highly trained maintenance technicians and industrial technologies help you maximize the performance of your critical assets and increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Our expertise in the equipment used in metal products manufacturing allows us to help your factory overcome operational challenges while increasing uptime and optimizing productivity. Our knowledge of your equipment includes, but is not limited to:



Heat Treating

Heat Treating

Sand Blasting Metal Products

Sand Blasting



Metal Forming

Metal Forming

Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting

Grinding Metal Products


“ATS continues to improve our plant’s performance and safety. Our collaboration on continuous improvement is aligned with more effective ways to improve the business.” – Leading wire & cable manufacturer
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Reliability excellence and beyond

Our skilled workforce, established processes and innovative, data-driven technologies combine to help you meet your unique business needs. Whether you lack skilled workers with advanced training or are not currently operating at peak productivity, you can count on our metal products manufacturing maintenance solutions to help your reliability soar.

  • Recruitment and retention
  • Skilled, technical workforce
  • IIoT technologies
  • World-class safety

Productivity improvements save $400K

Faced with production line challenges due to recent renovations, this manufacturer’s equipment was working overtime. Read how our maintenance services and metal fabrication equipment procurement significantly increased cost savings and productivity.

“ATS quickly earned credibility and the trust of our operators and supervisors The relationship we have with ATS is exactly how I hoped it would be.”
– Vice President and General Manager, Metal Products Manufacturer

Forging reliability into your manufacturing process

Our metal products maintenance solutions are tailored to your unique production needs. We help ensure the reliability of your equipment to increase OEE and keep your production processes on track.

Lead with a safety mindset

A safe workplace starts with a commitment to safety culture. ATS technicians bring best-in-class safety procedures to your site, helping you prioritize employee well-being while reducing recordable incidents.

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    World-class safety

    Our Beyond Zero safety culture prioritizes compliance and employee well-being 

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    Low incident rates

    ATS has a 50% lower recordable incident rate than industry average

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    Exceed OSHA standards

    ATS has an industry-leading OSHA incident rate and regulatory compliance 


Achieve your production goals

Today’s metal products market is in high demand. Our proven reliability and metal forming factory support services improve production efficiency, safety and help you retain skilled technical talent.

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