The foundation of our culture

Industrial workplace safety is rarely ignored, but despite best intentions, it can often be deprioritized. With over three decades of experience in implementing safety processes throughout maintenance procedures, we have the people and strategy you need to help you implement a robust and safe maintenance program.

At ATS, safety and overall employee well-being is our number one cultural commitment. We think it, feel it, and live it every day. Our Beyond Zero safety culture prioritizes four key areas:


Physical Well-Being


Financial Well-Being


Social Well-Being


Emotional Well-Being

Our journey to beyond zero

At ATS, safety ties into everything we do but we know safety needs to go even beyond the factory walls. Through the integration of a new safety excellence program, our employees can holistically improve their overall wellbeing.

Watch our CEO describe our commitment to safety excellence.


The gold standard in safety excellence

To better manage the environmental, health, and safety (EHS) challenges inherent in manufacturing, we have an established, top-down cultural commitment to safety excellence. With a proven track record of maintaining a 50% lower recordable incident rate than the industry average, you can trust us to improve and positively impact your plant safety.

We are proud to be awarded the prestigious Robert W. Campbell Award by the National Safety Council (NSC), America’s leading nonprofit safety advocate.

“ATS’s ‘Beyond Zero’ multi-faceted approach to employee wellbeing is a fantastic case study on how even organizations with a well-established safety culture can continue to refine their safety practices to drive positive results for their workers and their bottom line.”
– Lorraine Martin, President & CEO | National safety council
“ATS manages risks very well. Their employees are armed with tools to identify hazards before each job and control those risks. This is evident in the way they talk about their jobs too: intentional, prideful and humble.” – Katherine Mendoza, Director, Campbell Institute and NSC

Safety excellence FAQ

What makes ATS safety excellence different?

Safety is our number one cultural commitment, and our entire team from the top down is committed to our beyond zero safety program that prioritizes safety and overall well-being.

What is your safety record?

We’re proud to consistently hold an industry-leading recordable incident rate that is 50% lower than what is seen within the industry.

What certifications do your technicians have?

Our team always assesses the requirements of each facility and will certify our technicians based on the environment. 60% of ATS site leadership has been certified by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) as Safety Trained Supervisors (STS). The remaining 40% are currently studying to take the certification exam. Recognizing our dedication to excellence in the safety, health, and environmental profession as a Diamond Certification Champion, BCSP produced this video recognizing our long-standing commitment to creating a safer workplace by championing professional credentialing.

Have you won any awards for safety?

Yes, the National Safety Council awarded ATS with the prestigious Robert W. Campbell award that recognizes leading companies that have attained business excellence through the integration of environment, health, and safety. Internally, we have a President’s Award for Safety Excellence that team sites work toward each year. Our CEO, Jeff Owens, has also been recognized by the National Safety Council as a top “CEO Who Gets It” for going above and beyond to protect employees through risk reduction, performance measurement, safety management solutions and leadership and employee engagement.

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