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Improved reliability

A proactive approach means fewer breakdowns and less unplanned downtime, increasing reliability

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Higher quality

Improved product quality with reduced defects, rejects, rework and wasted effort and material

Maintenance Industry Equipment

Extended life

Regularly inspected and maintained equipment is less likely to break down or incur damages

Reliable performance starts with a machinery risk assessment

Like an annual physical, machines require regular examination by experts to assess the overall health and direction of your critical assets. Our machine inspection professionals check all major facets of your critical equipment to identify problem areas before they cause unexpected failures and unplanned downtime.

Whether your goal is to realize maximum value from your critical assets, gain insight for repair/replace decisions on aging assets, identify root causes of machine failures, or improve production quality, an ATS equipment risk assessment is a smart decision.


Machine health requires technical specialists

ATS technicians and engineers with knowledge of your specific equipment perform an on-site machine inspection and based on the findings will work with your team to optimize maintenance best practices and identify critical spares. The machine safety assessment process includes:

  • Thorough analysis and inspection
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Linear and rotary axis calibration
  • Comparison to specifications
  • Corrective recommendations

Machine diagnosis for a longer, more productive life

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Explore machine inspection resources

Discover what’s involved in our machine health assessments, when they should occur, and how your facility can benefit from our professional inspection services.

Machine safety risk assessment services for manufacturers

Our machine health assessments help optimize equipment performance across process and discrete manufacturing, providing reliable performance across the organization.

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