What is Thermographic Testing?

Thermographic testing, also known as infared inspection, is a predictive maintenance method that helps maintain the longevity of equipment. Thermography testing involves using thermal cameras to monitor how heat flows through equipment.

Thermographic imaging for early detection of problems

Temperature changes are an early sign of problems developing inside production equipment. Implementing a program of infared for predictive maintenance lets a maintenance organization adopt a more proactive stance. Planning repairs instead of reacting to breakdowns raises overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by reducing unplanned downtime.

Thermographic imaging entails pointing a thermal imaging camera at equipment while it’s operating and capturing a picture. This picture reveals a pattern of heat flows. Abnormal temperatures are instantly recognizable while longer term trends are identified through comparison with data captured previously.

Saving temperature data for subsequent analysis helps with optimizing repair and replacement schedules. This lowers maintenance costs while improving equipment availability. Benefits include a reduction in unplanned downtime, increased mean-time-between-failures (MTBF) and even extended equipment life.

Typical applications for thermography include:

  • Bearing monitoring
  • Electrical cabinet monitoring
  • Detecting leaks
  • Insulation monitoring
  • Process temperature analysis

Thermography testing – part of ATS’s predictive maintenance technologies

Performing an infrared electrical inspection or any other type of thermographic imaging involves more than buying and using an expensive camera. Setting up an effective thermography testing program requires a good understanding of the technology coupled with detailed knowledge of the process equipment. That is where ATS comes in.

Our skilled predictive maintenance technicians have the training and experience to capture and analyze the data-driven metrics provided by this technology to increase your asset availability.