Unplanned machine downtime is a leading cause of reduced efficiency in heavy equipment manufacturing. This can lead to missed production schedules and higher overall costs.

Manufacturing heavy equipment takes large-scale machinery. Whether for metal cutting, welding, painting or assembly, everything is big, including the factory. This size alone brings unique challenges, such as delivering machine replacement parts over a spread-out facility or ensuring cranes and gantries stay safe.

Some processes are manual, but new technologies are arriving and automation is spreading. Laser cutting machines and robotic welding systems highlight the need for new skills from the maintenance team. And throughout the factory, control systems are growing more complex.

Maintenance teams typically face a backlog of work, so it’s hard to focus and prioritize. That’s where ATS and our heavy equipment maintenance solutions can help large machinery manufacturers like you. With over three decades of experience in heavy equipment industrial maintenance and MRO, we can provide you a structured heavy equipment maintenance program and skilled technicians for increased uptime so your plant runs at an optimal level.

Better efficiency and production effectiveness

Our heavy equipment manufacturing maintenance solutions provide valuable preventative services in addition to data-driven predictive maintenance services such as vibration monitoring and thermographic inspections. With heavy equipment maintenance solutions built on sensor technology, you gain the benefits of around-the-clock, real-time monitoring, remote alerts and control, and a vast amount of data with which to inform effective heavy equipment predictive maintenance.

Sensor technology helps you identify potential maintenance and operational issues as soon as their underpinnings are detected, and to address them before they lead to unplanned downtime and extensive repairs.

By reducing or eliminating unplanned downtime — one of the most wasteful scenarios in the production landscape — you can maximize uptime, productivity, efficiency and value. We can review your heavy equipment industrial maintenance programs already in place for ways to improve effectiveness and institute new programs as needed. Implementing best practices improves visibility throughout the plant so less time is spent on non-productive tasks.

In addition to heavy equipment preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance, our MRO asset management solution is designed to help heavy equipment manufacturers and large machinery manufacturers be more efficient and productive. Improved storeroom disciplines ensure the right spares and consumables are stocked and obsolete items discarded. And when the organization is better, morale and safety improve too. 

Productivity and profitability

Delivering effective heavy equipment manufacturing maintenance services in this type of environment is hard. Machinery is big and doing the necessary heavy machinery maintenance work takes time and effort. Too often maintenance teams are swamped with a backlog that means preventative maintenance doesn’t get done as planned. Breakdowns increase, production schedules incur more disruption and inefficiencies rise.

Partnering with ATS provides you world-class industrial maintenance for your heavy machinery manufacturing operation. We ensure your equipment stays running at full capacity. There are fewer breakdowns so less production disruption. Management time isn’t spent adjusting schedules and pacifying unhappy customers. Rather than fighting fires, everyone can focus on their core competencies.