Continuous Improvement Processes

Proactive approach

Our predictive maintenance services provides insight and analytics to help prevent downtime

Engineering Implement Predictive Maintenance


We baseline current operating conditions, then use data and analytics to reveal important trends

Use data to lower costs


Utilizing predictive maintenance tools allows for decisions based on data not instinct

Optimize technician and production efficiency

Many manufacturers are replacing preventive maintenance with predictive maintenance tools and technologies. Traditional time or usage-based maintenance helps protect against breakdowns, but leaves the risk of doing too much, too little or the wrong type of work. Predictive maintenance solutions provide a proactive data-driven approach that increases ROI, improves output, eliminates unplanned downtime and reduces equipment failures.

After baselining current operating conditions, ATS relies on data acquisition and predictive maintenance analytics to reveal important trends. Knowing what’s likely to happen inside production machinery allows technicians to make better decisions. By revealing the true causes of failure, the data provided by predictive maintenance equipment can shape purchasing decisions, depreciation rates and planned replacement dates.

Machine health monitoring
to prevent unplanned downtime

As a technology-driven predictive maintenance company, we combine cutting-edge technologies including advanced sensors with industry-leading data analytics and reliability expertise to help you detect real-time issues before they cause an unexpected failure.

  • Use data to lower costs

    Cloud-based condition monitoring products provide centralized data acquisition and analytics

  • Engineering Implement Predictive Maintenance

    Combines the efficiencies of cognitive and expert analysis with actionable insights across monitoring points

  • Operations Unnecessary Costs

    An average 8x ROI with unparalleled support to prevent unplanned downtime and reduce labor and maintenance costs


Keep fluids running with oil analysis

Undertaking oil changes based on time or usage can increase downtime and costs. Routine lubrication analysis lets manufacturers predict when fluid needs to be replaced while providing information about the machine’s overall health with this predictive maintenance solution.


Keep rotating machinery in optimal condition

Vibration monitoring and machine vibration analysis prevent the deferred maintenance that can negatively impact product quality. A structured vibration analysis program helps manufacturers avoid quality and breakdown issues.


Detect issues early with thermographic imaging

Thermographic testing, or infrared inspection, is an industrial predictive maintenance method that helps extend equipment life. Infrared inspection identifies issues in real time, allowing manufacturers to assume a proactive position and reduce unplanned downtime, optimize repair schedules and lower maintenance costs.


Reduce waste while improving reliability and safety

Adding ultrasonic leak detection service to your predictive maintenance technologies provides valuable insights into your equipment operation. It allows you to optimize maintenance scheduling, extend mean-time-between-failures (MTBF), increase safety and reduce lost production time.

Be proactive against unplanned downtime

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