Reduce Labor and maintenance

Visual inspection

Routine oil checks can reveal the presence of contaminants, such as water and other debris

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Fluid property inspection

A chemical test indicates if the right oil and additives are being used and any degradation

Use data to lower costs

Wear analysis

Focuses on the debris in the oil and indicates if the equipment is damaged or close to failure

Machinery oil analysis for predictive maintenance

Lubrication analysis involves the monitoring and inspection of machinery oil to determine its condition and ascertain whether maintenance is required. Utilizing ATS technician expertise, our predictive lube oil analysis involves taking a small sample while the machine is running, examining the data and continuously monitoring for condition trends of both fluid and machine.

The results of our oil analysis allow you to detect unexpected equipment wear, get a clear idea of when oil needs replacing, gain insight into your equipment performance, and make well-informed decisions when scheduling maintenance. Let us help you improve your machine efficiency and productivity, while lowering your maintenance costs.


Machine health monitoring

Leverage more than three decades of hands-on maintenance and reliability experience paired with the latest sensor and machine health monitoring technologies. Our condition monitoring experts analyze predictive analytics and prescribe real-time actionable insights to the on-site maintenance team to eliminate unplanned downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Predict
  • Analyze
  • Respond

Improve overall equipment performance

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Oil analysis resources

Learn how we can help you better manage your lubricating oil maintenance program.

Lube oil analysis services for manufacturers

Making our lubricant analysis service an important part of your comprehensive equipment maintenance strategy helps keep your machinery running longer and improves productivity.

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