Few industries span the manufacturing process spectrum like aerospace. Investment casting, autoclave curing, drilling and electronics assembly are just a sample of the technologies maintenance personnel contend with every day. Process controls are growing even more complex with PLCs and proximity sensors giving way to PCs and vision systems. Staying on top of changing technologies is a challenge that affects maintenance teams in every aerospace manufacturer.

New materials and manufacturing technologies coupled with rigorous quality regimens place immense demands as well. Equipment is becoming more complex by the day, while an aging workforce struggles to develop the skills needed to keep it in top condition — and it’s going to get harder as they begin to retire. For consistent quality and stable output, it’s essential to have a solid aerospace industrial maintenance program. Fortunately, ATS makes it easy for companies interested in outsourcing their aerospace maintenance.

Services and Skills for Effective Maintenance

In aerospace manufacturing, everything from rivet inserters to injection molding machines must perform reliably and consistently — there’s no tolerance for deviation. ATS can provide the proper maintenance and asset management strategies that are essential for keeping process equipment in good, working condition.

Our skilled maintenance technicians have an array of preventative tools that give advance warning of problems before quality or output suffer. Sophisticated predictive analysis tools help develop optimal maintenance schedules. By partnering with ATS for factory maintenance and MRO services, we will provide the expertise needed to optimize your asset availability for increased productivity and success. We can be the MRO or industrial maintenance outsourcing partner you need.