The framework for consistent service and performance

At the heart of every ATS comprehensive maintenance plan is our proven operating framework. The ATS Operating System combines industry-leading processes, methods and best practices to provide quality maintenance services. This operational model guides how we manage and execute the standard of our work – allowing our customers to focus on production, planning and other priorities while we handle the rest.

Through our maintenance work management, we establish clear standards for operational teams at every location, leverage smart technologies to overcome skills gaps and ensure alignment with your goals and business specifications – avoiding the guesswork and replacing it with predictable, consistent and excellent service.


Driving behavior-based culture through safety excellence

HR Benefit Training

Promoting high engagement through performance boards

Continuous Improvement Culture

Delivering consistent service through quality-focused processes

Engineering Boost Asset Reliability

Providing data-driven results through the latest technologies

ATS operating system

By being process-dependent rather than person-dependent, our maintenance management framework avoids unexpected outcomes. Discover how ATS optimizes operational performances through a maintenance work order management framework that works for you.

  • Culture

    Unifies teams, improves company culture and supports leaders

  • Manage special projects

    Ensures alignment with customer goals and specifications

  • Worker idea

    Streamlines communication for quality assurance

“ATS has delivered beyond expectations. Our partnership has certainly helped facilitate our success this year.” – Leading Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer

Work execution management FAQ

What is the ATS Operating System?

The ATS Operating System is a framework we built to provide consistent, successful implementation of our proven processes and best practices that make ATS an industry-leading maintenance services provider. Allowing teams in any plant to take ownership of the framework, while maintaining clear, defined escalation points and processes for a better performing production line.

Is this framework a standard used for all ATS customers?

No, this operating system is used within our comprehensive industrial maintenance management solution. While we use elements of the work execution model in our short-term projects and workforce programs, only our comprehensive maintenance partners experience the full potential of our ATS work execution management.

How does the operating system impact a factory’s culture?

Leading with ATS values like safety, training and action planning within the plant, our framework not only delivers consistent service, but unifies teams and supports leaders by creating continuous improvement and engagement opportunities

What do bronze, silver and gold levels mean?

Our bronze, silver and gold levels of maturity benchmark the achievement stage our maintenance teams have reached at each of our key customer plants. The initial bronze phase focuses on learning and overall adoption of the operating system standards. The secondary silver phase promotes process integration, teamwork and a higher level of continuous improvement. When a site reaches the gold phase, it means the team has achieved optimal performance levels, has a fully engaged culture and provides mentorship to other teams.

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