Our people-driven culture

At ATS, culture is a way of life that ties into everything we do. Our four foundational pillars – Live Safety, Value Employees, Engage Customers, and Drive Results – provide focus on what matters most.

With a culture rooted in continuous improvement and a future driven by technology, we have a contagious determination to take our company and our customers to the next level of innovation and growth.

Heavy Equip Technical Workforce

18% of the ATS workforce are active military or veterans

HR Benefit Training

75,000 hours of training given to technicians annually

Continuous Improvement Customer Satisfaction

3x Forbes award winner for Best Midsize Employer


50% lower recordable incident rate than industry average

Live safety 24/7

At ATS, we prioritize safety excellence. We work with maintenance teams to implement processes and procedures, reducing incidents and improving employee well-being.

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    World-class safety

    Our Beyond Zero safety culture prioritizes compliance and employee well-being

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    Low incident rates

    ATS has a 50% lower recordable incident rate than industry average

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    Exceed OSHA standards

    ATS has an industry-leading OSHA incident rate and regulatory compliance

“One thing I can promise is ATS’ commitment to a strong safety culture and our employees’ well-being will never waver, and our journey for continuous improvement will never end.” – Jeff Owens, CEO

Our greatest assets

Comprised of diverse skillsets and individuals, our dedicated people are the difference to making factories run better.


Consistent, quality service

We partner with hundreds of manufacturers that rely on our technical expertise and service delivery to help them achieve increased uptime on their critical assets and increased productivity for their overall operations.


Delivering measurable results

With decades of experience maintaining industrial equipment, we know how to improve maintenance operations for greater efficiency and cost-savings so you can focus on other priorities.


Learn more about our cultural commitments and the full range of maintenance solutions we offer.

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