Keep rotating machinery in top condition with vibration monitoring and analysis

Product quality goes downhill first. When key components of rotating machinery start to wear tolerances are harder to maintain, surface finish deteriorates, there’s more scrap and yields go down. Actual breakdowns are rare, although they will happen if maintenance is deferred long enough. Vibration monitoring and machine vibration analysis help you avoid that situation.

Predicting repair needs through monitoring and analysis

Every factory has rotating machinery and equipment. Pumps, motors, gearboxes, machine tools and process equipment all incorporate shafts, couplings and bearings. Everything runs smoothly at first, but then fatigue takes a toll. Bearing races wear, shafts bend and go out of balance and alignment, and couplings begin to fail. As this happens vibration increases, gradually at first, then accelerating to failure.

A structured remote vibration monitoring and analysis program — as part of an overall predicitve maintenance program plan — helps manufacturers avoid quality and breakdown issues. With state of the art monitoring equipment, such as vibration spectrum monitoring and industrial vibration analysis, you can identify characteristic vibration signatures, track changes over time, and predict when key components need replacing. Without the panic of quality problems or overdue orders there is time to source the new parts, plan their installation, and work around production schedules.

Benefits of vibration analysis

Manufacturers that implement vibration analysis services as part of a comprehensive maintenance solution with ATS reap rewards in many areas. Better maintenance of rotating machinery leads to:

  • Consistent product quality
  • Extended machinery life
  • Reduced maintenance workload
  • A reduction in “just in case” parts inventory
  • More efficient use of maintenance resources

A highly specialized field

Establishing an industrial vibration monitoring system entails much more than just purchasing a vibration analyzer. It demands in-depth knowledge of vibration testing equipment coupled with a good understanding of rotating equipment design, as well as knowing how to use the data in machine vibration analysis. If the complexity of vibration analysis services seems daunting, help is at hand. ATS predictive specialists have the knowledge and experience to design and implement a condition monitoring and vibration analysis system customized to your business.