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Industrial Maintenance & MRO Services

factory Maintenance Solution

Through our turnkey, on-site approach to maintenance, ATS can optimize your production equipment, dramatically lowering your manufacturing costs and establishing standardized metrics for measurable results.

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“Industry studies have documented that maintenance can impact the cost to produce by as much as 30%.”


Terry Wireman, Author of World Class Maintenance Management

MRO Asset Management Solution

Our onsite MRO Asset Management Solution is designed to positively impact the performance of not just your storeroom, but also your manufacturing equipment, your production output – and ultimately your bottom line.

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Every Area of Your Factory Working Together

Reduced Downtime

Through our proactive approach to maintenance, we significantly reduce downtime for plants, each and every day.

Higher Productivity

Minimal downtime means your manufacturing assets are optimized, production schedules are on target and customer commitments are met.

Measurable Results

Through data-driven technologies, we determine, capture and analyze key performance indicators to continuously improve the efficiency of your assets.

best-in-class proactive maintenance

“When we began our relationship with ATS, our maintenance was entirely reactive. Today we have made great strides in becoming proactive. Our diagnostic tools, which have allowed us to identify and correct many issues before extended downtime is incurred, are key building blocks for best-in-class maintenance.” 


Brad Fogle, Regional Operations Manager, Leading Insulation Products Manufacturer

Some of the world’s leading companies count on our expertise and data-driven analytics to minimize downtime and improve productivity.


Let’s Reduce Your Downtime

With a full range of industrial maintenance and MRO solutions, ATS can help you address your challenges with individual services or a comprehensive program to lower costs and optimize your manufacturing assets.

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Supplemental Maintenance

Need Technicians Now? We Can Help.

Whether you need skilled technicians to handle short-term maintenance during a surge in production or to fill the deficiencies as a result of the skills gap, ATS has the resources where and when you need them. With thousands of maintenance technicians across the country, we are ready to take on any job.

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Technical Training

A Valuable Investment in Your People.

With continuous technology advancements, lean manufacturing pressures and the shrinking skilled labor force, how can manufacturers maintain a competitive edge? ATS’ technical training courses can be one of the solutions, providing a valuable investment in the greater knowledge and skill sets of your people.

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Equipment Downtime. What is it Really Costing You?

Uncover the reality of how much downtime is truly costing your plant with our interactive calculator.

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Focused, yet flexible across multiple industries

We are leaders in industrial maintenance and MRO, focusing on seven key industries across the manufacturing spectrum. Yet we can adapt our expertise to serve new industries and their unique production assets and manufacturing environments.

Helping Businesses Around the World

Businesses today cross borders and regions, so you need a service provider that goes where you are. With a large network of U.S. and globally based locations and service centers we have the infrastructure to provide the services you need, when and where you need them.

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