Reduce waste, improve reliability and safety with ultrasonic inspection

Gas leaks from a pressurized system whistle at a pitch too high for humans to hear. By utilizing ultrasonic leak testing equipment as part of our ultrasonic leak detection service offerings, we are able to detect equipment problems before they become costly or even catastrophic to your operations.

Find leaks in pressurized systems

Factories rely on compressed air, with complex systems of pipework spreading out across a building or site from the compressor. Compressed air is expensive, and leaks are commonplace, so regular checks with air leak detector equipment quickly pay for themselves. Some pressurized systems contain hazardous or dangerous gases, but ultrasonic inspection equipment quickly detects the initial signs for proactive plant safety management. With ultrasonic leak detection as part of our comprehensive factory maintenance plan, we can locate even the smallest leak to ensure that you are not losing money or risking danger as a result of a leak.

At best, leaks indicate money is being wasted. At worst, lives are at risk. Ultrasonic air leak detector equipment is designed to reveal gas or air leaks. In every case, ultrasonic air leak detection is a proactive and reliable way of finding small problems before they become more.

High frequency warnings of other problems

Uses for ultrasound detection equipment go beyond compressed air leak detection and other gas systems. Bearings and pumps are examples of rotating equipment with distinctive acoustic signatures. Regular checks with ultrasonic inspection equipment can reveal problems, like poor lubrication and cavitation, before they lead to breakdowns.

Adding ultrasonic leak detection service to your maintenance capabilities

When integrated into a predictive maintenance program, ultrasonic inspection provides valuable insights into equipment operation – optimizing maintenance scheduling, extending mean-time-between-failures (MTBF) and reducing lost production time. Even safety is improved when ultrasonic leak detector capabilities are leveraged./span>

With a long track record in predictive maintenance methods, ATS is able to develop route maps, determine appropriate intervals and implement data capture and analysis processes. Implementing a proactive program for ultrasonic inspection takes time and benefits from experience. ATS can provide both.