Notable productivity improvements

Due to rising costs, some mills are being forced to downsize, outsource, revamp production equipment, purchase modern equipment to replace aging machines, or use materials produced elsewhere to make finished products. Downsizing and outsourcing, especially in this age of increasing retirements, means a loss of in-house knowledge. To meet these challenges, mill managers seek paper and pulp industrial mill maintenance solutions that optimize asset performance.

Our expertise in the equipment used in pulp and paper mill maintenance allows us to help your factory overcome operational challenges while increasing uptime and optimizing productivity. Our knowledge of your equipment includes, but is not limited to:

PaperAndPulp Pulpers


PaperAndPulp Digesters


PaperAndPulp Refiners


PaperAndPulp Paper Machines

Paper Machines

PaperAndPulp Fine Paper machines

Fine Paper Machines

PaperAndPulp Paperboard Machines

Paperboard Machines

PaperAndPulp Converting Packaging Lines

Converting and Packaging Lines

PaperAndPulp Powerhouse boilers

Powerhouse Boilers

“At the end of Q3 during the third year, our plant had equaled its entire output for the previous year.” – Production Manager, Leading Paper & Pulp Manufacturer

Reliability excellence and beyond

Our skilled workforce, established processes and innovative, data-driven technologies combine to help you meet your unique business needs. Whether you lack skilled workers with advanced training or are not currently operating at peak productivity, you can count on our mill maintenance solutions to help your reliability soar.

  • Recruitment and retention
  • Skilled, technical workforce
  • IIoT technologies
  • World-class safety

30% improvement in weekly OEE

A paper and pulp manufacturer struggled to recruit and retain technical talent. With the help of ATS, the manufacturer experienced significant improvements in OEE and work order completions.

“Having my technicians paired with ATS technicians raised their skill levels and helped them learn more through on-the-job training.”
– Plant Manager, Leading Paper and Pulp Manufacturer

Paper & pulp industrial mill maintenance solutions

Our services and skills help eliminate unplanned downtime and ensure that your equipment operates at peak performance. Our proactive paper machine maintenance, repair services, parts sourcing, smart technology and skills training help you improve asset performance and achieve production goals.

Lead with a safety mindset

A safe workplace starts with a commitment to safety culture. ATS technicians bring best-in-class safety procedures to your site, helping you prioritize employee well-being while reducing recordable incidents.

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    World-class safety

    Our Beyond Zero safety culture prioritizes compliance and employee well-being 

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    Low incident rates

    ATS has a 50% lower recordable incident rate than industry average

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    Exceed OSHA standards

    ATS has an industry-leading OSHA incident rate and regulatory compliance 


Overcome asset challenges with our expertise

Shutdowns due to aging and obsolete equipment threaten reliability and performance, but because your machines are expensive, you make every effort to keep them operational. Let us help with paper mill maintenance services, parts sourcing and repairs, and skilled technicians who deliver quality service.

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