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Third-Party Maintenance


Effective management of in-house industrial maintenance is one of the most challenging aspects of running a manufacturing plant. Maximizing equipment uptime requires expertise, efficiency and experience — all qualities that are in short supply in a shrinking, competitive talent pool of qualified maintenance technicians. ATS offers a third-party maintenance solution to meet these needs and help you overcome recruiting challenges.

Our Technical Workforce Solution is a best-in-class alternative to traditional external staffing or internal recruiting initiatives. We draw on our gold-standard best practices developed over decades of offering 3rd-party maintenance solutions, while focusing on your specific operations, needs and objectives. Our third-party maintenance solutions help reduce downtime, lower your staffing costs, improve productivity and more.

What is third-party maintenance?

A third-party maintenance provider takes the burden of recruiting, hiring, on-boarding and training off your shoulders — allowing you to focus on maintaining and optimizing your core value-driving competencies. We provide the multi-craft technicians, technical supervisors and expertise for a  strategy-driven maintenance function. Expertise from a 3rd-party maintenance provider, such as ATS, includes:

  • Maintenance tasks: Covering preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance, our technicians will create and adhere to a schedule so that your maintenance is always up to date and proactive. This vastly reduces downtime and improves production equipment life.
  • Development and implementation: With expertise in world-class maintenance strategies, we work with you to develop a maintenance plan that makes sense for your needs, equipment and facility.
  • Top-tier technicians: ATS provides a technically skilled and engaged maintenance workforce to maintain production equipment according to safety, maintenance and operating system requirements.
  • Reliability focused: We excel at delivering measurable and sustainable results that will help you meet operational goals and have a real impact on your business both now and in the future. Reliability is at the core of ATS.

What are the benefits of third-party maintenance?

Third-party maintenance offers a broad range of benefits:

  • Increased uptime: Insufficient maintenance can cause extended downtime in two ways: by neglecting preventive maintenance, and through a lack of available resources to address repairs as soon as they are required. A third-party maintenance provider solves these issues by assuring that technicians are always available to conduct repairs and that maintenance schedules are stringently followed. In addition, our services can help you implement a predictive maintenance plan — greatly reducing downtime even further.
  • Access to talent: Recruiting and hiring are not only time-consuming steps, but they are also extremely difficult in the face of the technical skills gap. Third-party maintenance services give you access to an experienced, trained talent pool — no matter where you are located and what your specialty is. With a world-class internal training program and access to an extensive network of subject matter experts, our services can likely meet any of your maintenance needs.
  • Technical training: Our SkillPoint Technical Training Program, focusing on industrial machine repair training, can be tailored to any or all of the skills necessary for high-quality industrial maintenance work. We provide industrial maintenance mechanic training in CNC/PLC, electronic, mechanical, robotics, and many other courses suited to fit the needs of your operations.
  • Safety excellence: At ATS, safety goes beyond our industry-leading OSHA incident rate and regulatory compliance. Our Beyond Zero safety culture prioritizes best-in-class safety procedures and programs with overall employee well-being.
  • Extended equipment life: When equipment and components begin to wear and fail, they can cause damage to other parts of the machine, leading to a reduction in the useful life. By eliminating these scenarios, equipment will need less maintenance overall, you will see an extended mean time to failure (MTTF), and you will need to replace or refurbish equipment less often.
  • Quality improvements: Poorly maintained equipment is less able to produce accurate, high-quality output as components are not operating to spec. With a maintenance program complete with top-tier technicians, equipment is always operating as intended — reducing rework and discards and improving production time and costs.
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Is third-party maintenance right for you?

Consider the below list of statements. If several of them — or even just one — represent issues that you’ve encountered or concerns you have, then you should look into discussing 3rd-party maintenance:

  • My equipment downtime is too extensive.
  • I need skilled maintenance staff, but it is difficult to locate the right talent.
  • Recruiting for maintenance tasks takes far too long, and positions stay unfilled for months or more.
  • It is difficult or impossible to provide the level of training needed to bring the available talent pool up to speed for my facility.
  • I would like to extend a reliability focus throughout the organization.
  • I want to improve the safety culture and reduce incident rates at my facility
  • I want to improve efficiency in equipment service life.
  • I hope to improve metrics such as OEE, MTTF, and MTBF.

Industries that could benefit from third-party maintenance

Numerous industries can benefit from these types of maintenance services. Our Technical Workforce Solution especially focuses on the below industries, but can be tailored to meet any need:

With decades of experience in maintenance services, we are ready to apply our insider knowledge to develop the right custom solution for you.

Over three decades of expertise at your service

ATS offers comprehensive third-party maintenance services — fitting your required skillsets. Our unique talent acquisition strategy focuses on best-in-class technicians along with an extensive network of subject matter experts. We offer a massive knowledge base that will bring your facility up to date with cutting-edge maintenance practices.

For more information about how our Technical Workforce Solution can help you reduce downtime, increase productivity, decrease your time spent recruiting and hiring, and return your focus to core service offerings, contact ATS today.

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