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Industrial Temperature Sensor Technology


Industrial temperature sensor technology enables targeted, highly accurate ongoing monitoring of equipment and component temperatures with real-time communication to facilitate immediate response to potential problems. Temperature sensors are built to measure heat output at specific areas that act as indicators of potential malfunction, including friction points, rotational axes and other critical processes.

Industrial wireless temperature sensor systems use high-speed network communication to allow for real-time, constant machine health monitoring and predictive maintenance for a proactive approach, addressing issues before they lead to unplanned downtime or premature equipment damage. With industrial temperature monitoring, maintenance teams have access to more data, earlier in the process, and are thus able to detect issues, assess problems and remedies, and act in a timely and effective manner.

Where is temperature sensor technology used?

An industrial temperature monitoring system can be useful on any type of equipment with moving parts and components. Examples include:

  • Motors
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Fans
  • Blowers
  • Bearings
  • Gearboxes

Potential issues that machine temperature monitoring sensor technology can detect — which can be an underlying sign of out-of-spec operation and potential equipment damage or shutdown later — include:

  • Lack of lubrication
  • Over-lubrication
  • Increased equipment friction
  • Improper equipment calibration
  • Reduced air flow
  • And more

Predictive maintenance with temperature data and monitoring

Predict and prevent machine failures

Increased temperature at specifically selected points on equipment is a highly reliable indicator of an underlying performance problem that will eventually lead to equipment shutdown, downtime and potential damage.

As equipment performance falls out of defined acceptable range, heat can be generated (in the case of increased friction or improper lubrication) or will build up (in the case of insufficient airflow) — two scenarios that can be quickly identified and alerted by way of temperature sensors and communication systems. By investigating increased temperatures as soon as they occur, maintenance technicians can identify and diagnose a problem well before it becomes severe enough to shut down the machine or cause equipment failure.

Prevent unplanned downtime

With temperature data and real-time alerts, maintenance technicians gain the flexibility to address a problem at a more convenient time while preventing equipment failure. Using diagnostics and production data, personnel can identify a maintenance window with a minimal impact on production, thus reducing or eliminating unplanned downtime and enabling operations to plan around the work.

Industries served

Flexible technology for multiple industries

We focus on eight core areas of manufacturing while maintaining the flexibility to adapt and provide for nearly any industry, drawing on our decades of experience in industrial maintenance technology.

The ATS edge

At ATS, we are ready to work with you as a maintenance technology strategist and partner, providing solutions that we have carefully tailored to provide the maximum benefit and the minimum disruption to your operations during installation and implementation.

Benefits of working with ATS include:

  • Sensors collect machine data 24/7
  • Real-time alerts are analyzed by ATS reliability engineers, providing prescriptive actions to the maintenance team
  • We provide measurable results by eliminating unplanned downtime and reducing cost
  • Our clients don’t have to worry about replacing batteries or replacing units if there is a defect — the cost of replacement is included in the subscription plan. Upgrades are also included in the subscription model.
  • ATS sensors transmit data wirelessly and require no external power or customer network access.
  • ATS fully installs the sensors for you, without the need for you to dedicate any internal resources.
  • ATS sensors are magnetized and do not require mounting hardware.
  • Your machines do not have to stop for ATS to install sensors.
  • One Low Monthly Fee Includes:
    • Expert analysis
    • Weekly asset reports
    • Unlimited email, phone and text alerts
    • Unlimited user licenses for dashboards
    • ROI modeling & success tracking

These facets of our predictive maintenance service offering maximize your benefits, including improved uptime, increased equipment reliability, longer equipment life and a more immediate return on your investment.

Protect against downtime

Are you looking for a data-driven maintenance program that gives you the insight and analytics to be proactive against downtime?

ATS can help!

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