If you are having trouble filling industrial maintenance positions with the right level of skills and knowledge — or are just interested in increasing your maintenance efficiency and overall productivity — you are not alone. For many companies, maintenance staffing can be time-consuming and costly and still result in unfilled positions, despite your best efforts. ATS offers an answer to these challenges for factories and industrial facilities.

Our Technical Workforce Solution is a best-in-class alternative to traditional industrial maintenance staffing programs and internal recruiting processes — with a fully customized plan developed to meet your needs and realize your maintenance goals. From cost savings to increased productivity, our factory staffing solutions are here to help.

What does maintenance staffing include?

Our Technical Workforce Solution can cover any or all of a broad range of tasks, depending on your needs and objectives.

These tasks may include:

  • Maintenance processes: With expertise in preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance, our personnel will ensure that you never miss a scheduled task. Adhering to a maintenance schedule improves equipment performance and extends machinery life.
  • On-site leadership: Our maintenance services include an on-site supervisor or team lead overseeing the development of a maintenance plan, our that our team is meeting or exceeding production objectives.

The benefits of maintenance staffing

Staffing services from ATS offer numerous benefits.

These include:

  • Highly skilled technical talent: Much of the difficulty in filling maintenance positions lies in a lack of the necessary expertise, skills and experience in the available talent pool. ATS solves these issues through recruiting the right personnel and offering comprehensive, ongoing training to build expertise to the levels required by leading industrial facilities. Acquiring this talent through ATS — rather than via costly, extensive in-house recruiting — saves you time and money while better assuring that maintenance positions are filled with the best in the business.
  • Outstanding training: Good maintenance practices should be observed by every employee. For this reason, our technicians are continually trained in CNC/PLC, electronic, mechanical, robotics and many other industry-specific equipment to fit your needs.
  • World-class safety: Maintenance and safety go hand in hand. Unfilled maintenance positions or under-skilled personnel create safety risks that cannot go unaddressed. Maintenance staffing from ATS brings you the assurance that safety excellence goes beyond our industry-leading OSHA incident rate and regulatory compliance – it is embedded throughout the organizational culture.
  • Competitive advantage: The technical skills gap means that more and more facilities turn to staffing alternatives to fill maintenance positions, bringing with them productivity and efficiency benefits that improve the bottom line. By partnering with ATS, you can gain these benefits, improve production quality, and create a competitive advantage in your industry. In addition, we can help you implement maintenance technology solutions to enable new processes such as predictive maintenance — introducing greater strategic benefits.
  • Improved performance: Preventive and predictive maintenance are critical to verify that equipment operates to spec, with optimal production output. When maintenance is neglected or carried out improperly, equipment performance suffers, production quality is degraded, and overall equipment life span is reduced. Our staffing solutions help eliminate these risks.
  • Reduced costs: Your investment in factory staffing will pay dividends in terms of reduced equipment downtime, extended equipment life, improved efficiency, increased productivity, more effective inventory and storeroom management, etc. Each of these benefits has a positive impact on your bottom line.

When should you use maintenance staffing?

The list below includes common reasons that industrial facilities and factories turn to alternative maintenance solutions — such as ATS. If you are experiencing difficulty with some or all of the below factors, you may want to consider staffing solutions rather than traditional in-house recruiting:

  • Skilled positions take months — or longer — to fill.
  • The available talent pool does not have the necessary skills or experience to work effectively from day one.
  • Maintenance coverage is not available around the clock due to a staff shortage.
  • Emergency repairs introduce excessive, unplanned costs into the budget.
  • There is rarely enough time or resources to onboard and train new staff.
  • HR tasks such as performance reviews and conflict resolution consume an undue amount of resources.
  • Turnover is high due to high demand for a limited pool of skilled workers.
  • Required maintenance tasks frequently go unaddressed because of insufficient resources.
  • It is difficult to remain up to date with maintenance training and technologies such as predictive maintenance.
  • Equipment life span is shorter than expected due to poor maintenance.

Which industries benefit from maintenance staffing solutions?

Nearly any process or discrete manufacturer can benefit from staffing partnerships — especially those that have extra difficulty filling skilled positions. The ATS Technical Workforce Solution is well-suited, but not limited to, the following industries:

By having strong foundational core processes, we are able to plan and execute an effective maintenance program across various industries and equipment.

ATS is ready to help you

At ATS, we are leaders in outsourced partnership services — including maintenance staffing. With more than three decades of reliability at the core of our business, we have established an extensive talent network, and have developed a Technical Workforce Solution that has proven itself effective to fill the skills gaps many of today’s manufacturers are experiencing. Our unique talent acquisition strategy and continuous training services mean that we likely have the skilled technicians and on-site leadership to fit your needs. If you are ready to explore alternatives to traditional staffing, and see whether the benefits of our services meet your needs, contact us today.