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Industrial technology is driving new standards for manufacturing efficiency – but without proper technical expertise, the value of technology can diminish significantly. Through advanced machine monitoring, data analytics and prescriptive actions, our industrial technology services provide you a scalable solution that identifies potential condition issues before an unexpected failure occurs.

With IIoT connecting all the systems in your facility, you can experience reduced cycle times, extended equipment lifespans and overall improvements in your operations. We leverage our expertise in manufacturing technology solutions to help you implement a full integrated system that provides exceptional efficiency and enhanced performance. Let our manufacturing technology consulting services put you in a better position for success.

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Engineering Increase Uptime OEE

Predictive maintenance

Through our predictive technologies, we monitor machine health to proactively prevent equipment failures

Missing Production Deadlines

Technician efficiency

Optimize production and technician efficiency by utilizing machine health monitoring and our industrial technology solutions


Reliability support

Condition monitoring expertise to interpret data and provide prescriptive actions to on-site maintenance teams


Machine health monitoring

Enable real-time, remote monitoring of key performance signifiers like vibration, temperature and more.

  • Simple to deploy, adopt and scale
  • Quick installation with no downtime
  • Delivers 8x ROI on average

Remote monitoring & analytics

Driven by the ATS Reliability 360® Technology Center, our condition monitoring and maintenance experts provide the support you need to make solving production challenges easier.

  • Improve machine reliability
  • Increase asset performance
  • Reduce maintenance costs

Leading manufacturer achieves measurable results with ATS machine health monitoring

  • Time clock
    Avoided downtime

    1,500+ downtime hours avoided

  • Operations Unnecessary Costs
    Avoided losses

    $2.3M total avoided losses

  • Upward data arrow

    38X ROI on investment


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