Safety increases

Ultrasonic air leak detection prevents potential harm caused by dangerous gases

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Reliability improves

Regular checks can reveal if pressurized systems are operating beyond acceptable limits


Technology utilization

Ultrasonic leak testing equipment detects issues too high pitched for humans to hear

Without detection, leaks can lead to larger issues

Tiny leaks can mean a drop in pressure that indicates that larger operational issues are lurking on the horizon. Leaking air leads to the loss of equipment efficiency, which can result in the need for emergency repairs and unplanned downtime, costly maintenance and lowered productivity.

Our ultrasonic leak detection services offer many benefits. You’ll enjoy lower energy costs, improved safety, more reliable air and gas delivery, more uptime and increased maintenance cost savings. No more manual leak checks, no more documenting leaks and completing maintenance tickets, we help you become more efficient in maintenance prioritization, so you can spend less time on expensive repairs and more time on production.


Machine health monitoring

Leverage more than three decades of hands-on maintenance and reliability experience paired with the latest sensor and machine health monitoring technologies. Our condition monitoring experts analyze predictive analytics and prescribe real-time actionable insights to the on-site maintenance team to eliminate unplanned downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Predict
  • Analyze
  • Respond

Get more time, energy and cost-savings back

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Ultrasonic leak detection resources

Learn more about ultrasonic leak testing and the role of sensor technology in predictive maintenance.

Ultrasonic leak detection services for manufacturers

With three decades of experience and highly skilled technicians, ATS is perfectly positioned to provide early leak detection for a wide range of applications. Let us help you protect your facility, your personnel and your productivity.

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