Electrical monitoring

Identify factors that indicate pending electrical failure and fix the issue before it poses a danger

Engineering Scale Tech

Leak detection

Discover equipment leaks so you can repair them well before they cause unplanned downtime

Continuous Improvement Processes

Temperature analysis

Heat flow patterns reveal areas of abnormally high temperature, aiding in predictive maintenance

Detect problems early with infrared electrical testing

Temperature changes are an early sign that problems are developing inside production equipment. With decades of industrial maintenance experience and technical expertise, our electrical infrared inspection services utilizing thermal imaging cameras offer manufacturers a proactive method for planning repairs before breakdowns cause expected downtime and reduce overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Thermographic testing of electrical equipment can help your lower maintenance costs, extend the life of production machinery by preventing or reducing heat damage, and improve safety within the facility. Let us help you replace your reactive maintenance procedures with an effective predictive strategy.


Machine health monitoring

Leverage more than three decades of hands-on maintenance and reliability experience paired with the latest sensor and machine health monitoring technologies. Our condition monitoring experts analyze predictive analytics and prescribe real-time actionable insights to the on-site maintenance team to eliminate unplanned downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Predict
  • Analyze
  • Respond

Get proactive with thermography maintenance

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Thermographic testing resources

Learn more about thermography testing and the role of sensor technology in predictive maintenance.

Thermography maintenance services for manufacturers

Our skilled, highly trained and experienced technicians can capture and analyze the data-driven metrics provided by electrical infrared inspection – increasing asset reliability and improving productivity while saving time and money.

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