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Golf Cart Manufacturer Saves Over $7M


Preventing downtime with condition monitoring

When a golf cart manufacturer sought to safeguard their production equipment, they turned to ATS for the data analytics and reliability expertise to support their manufacturing process.

Graphic showing vibration levels of oven and pump machine assets.

Sensing potential failures

ATS Reliability 360® team remotely detected high spikes in vibration on a dry-off oven’s bearing and a pump at the manufacturer’s plant. Early detection allowed for quick planning and action to be taken across both assets.

Proactive repairs

The on-site maintenance team was alerted and replaced the oven fan’s bearing and shaft. Additionally, the pump and its motor were replaced. Through ATS sourcing and parts expertise, parts were ordered in advance. All repairs were made during a period of scheduled downtime, avoiding disruption in production. After repairs, vibration levels returned to normal on both assets.


The combination of remote condition monitoring and on-site expertise led to significant savings, surpassing $7 million in avoided production costs, while ensuring over 240 hours of potential downtime were successfully prevented, achieving zero production loss.

Cost avoidance breakdown of oven and pump assets.

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