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The Benefits of Outsourcing Industrial Hydraulic Repair Services


Hydraulic equipment and systems play a critical role in key processes for nearly every manufacturer and industry, and thus a sudden need for repairs can create major disruptions. Hydraulic system failure leads to production equipment downtime, equipment capacity issues, missed deadlines and customer dissatisfaction (which in turn creates makegood charges and distrust for future orders).

Many manufacturers rely heavily on hydraulics for processes such as metal fabrication, metal stamping, shaping, forming, trimming and embossing. Hydraulics also power material handling and assembly equipment, without which heavy components would be exponentially more difficult to move and assemble. For consumer packaged goods applications, hydraulics are used in die casting. And throughout facilities, hydraulics are used in equipment such as scissor lifts and forklifts as part of braking systems, lift systems and more. Without a working hydraulic system, these processes would grind to a halt. Here are just a few of the industries in which hydraulics are used in this manner:

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For most if not all of these industries, hydraulic system management and repair lie outside of their core competencies. Thus, these maintenance functions can be difficult to fulfill due to staffing and time constrictions. For this reason, many facilities turn to outsourced hydraulic repair — a solution that we will explore in greater depth below.

Why use hydraulic repair services?

Outsourced hydraulic repair solves numerous problems and provides benefits for manufacturers, including the following:

  • Deep, specialized expertise: There is very high demand for hydraulics expertise throughout the industry, for the reasons mentioned above. And yet, as with nearly all skilled technical functions, there is difficulty in locating, hiring and keeping personnel with exactly the right expertise, resulting in unfilled positions, on-the-job training and a steep learning curve. A hydraulic service company provides trained, skilled talent with expertise focused on hydraulic systems and repair — enabling you to get back up and running right away.
  • Staffing challenges: Full-time staff entails additional costs such as benefits, overhead, vacation time and more. Outsourced hydraulic repair takes these obligations away from you and places them on the shoulders of the hydraulic service company.
  • Scalability: Hydraulic repair services can be easily scaled up and down as needed to meet demand, without the need to go through lengthy hiring and onboarding processes.
  • Outsourced management burden: In addition to taking on benefits costs, your hydraulic service partner is also responsible for HR, management and training tasks as well, allowing your own management staff to focus more on your own people.
  • Focus on core value-driving tasks: The bottom line is that outsourcing hydraulic service and repair allows you to focus time and resources on the core processes that drive value for you and your customers, resulting in improved quality, turnaround time and productivity.

Hydraulic repair services from ATS

ATS is a leader in industrial repair services, including hydraulic, electronic and mechanical parts repair. Throughout our decades of experience, we have developed the understanding that a quick turnaround is essential to get your equipment and systems back up and running, reduce downtime and help you meet your deadlines. We maintain a sharp focus on improving productivity and reducing downtime, based on the principle that equipment is only profitable when it is producing. To learn more about our services, or to discuss your maintenance needs and objectives with us, contact us today.

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