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With nearly four decades of experience, manufacturers trust Advanced Technology Services (ATS) to increase uptime, improve asset reliability and reduce manufacturing costs.

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Meet your production goals

At ATS, we provide the skilled technical workforce, standardized processes and predictive technologies you need to solve recruiting challenges, overcome skills gaps and improve overall equipment efficiency — ensuring optimal reliability as you face rising demand and shorter lead times.

As a full-service technical maintenance company, ATS has an array of solutions and services to meet your unique production needs.

Detect and prevent equipment failure with predictive technologies and analytics.

We focus on part reliability so you can increase production efficiencies and optimize output.

Utilize technology to prevent unplanned downtime

As a technology-driven predictive maintenance services provider, we combine cutting-edge technologies and industry-leading data analytics with reliability expertise to help you detect real-time issues before they cause an unexpected failure.

  • Engineering Implement Predictive Maintenance
    Reduce reactive maintenance

    Utilizing sensors to monitor machine health allows you to be proactive before failures, downtime, and added costs can occur

  • Time clock
    Improve labor efficiency

    Maintenance teams are able to be more productive with their time and focus on priority tasks vs putting out fires in a reactive state

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    Get technical support

    Rely on us to provide the remote monitoring, data analytics, and reliability expertise needed to prevent unplanned downtime


The gold standard in safety excellence

Industrial workplace safety is rarely ignored, but despite best intentions, it can often be deprioritized. At ATS, safety and overall employee well-being is our number one cultural commitment. We think it, feel it, and live it every day.

To better manage the environmental, health, and safety (EHS) challenges inherent in manufacturing, we have an established, top-down cultural commitment to safety excellence. With a proven track record of maintaining a 50% lower recordable incident rate than the industry average, you can trust us to improve and positively impact your plant safety.

“ATS’s ‘Beyond Zero’ multi-faceted approach to employee wellbeing is a fantastic case study on how even organizations with a well-established safety culture can continue to refine their safety practices to drive positive results for their workers and their bottom line.”
– Lorraine Martin, President & CEO | National safety council

We know your equipment

Through our decades of experience in industrial contract maintenance, we’ve worked with hundreds of manufacturers across multiple industries. Because of this, we have the expertise across various types of production equipment and the adaptability to flex our skillsets for any industry.

Explore industrial maintenance best practices

Tap into the latest trends from a top manufacturing technology solutions company and learn from industry experts and leading manufacturers.

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