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Improving Productivity & Performance for Global Manufacturer


Driving success

A global hydraulic power motion control manufacturer with a plant in Querétaro, MX is driving manufacturing excellence through the support of a comprehensive maintenance strategy with reliability at its core. Over the past three years, the ATS team has closely aligned with the manufacturer’s goals and consistently improved the plant’s downtime, MTTR, MTBF, PM compliance and cost savings.

Through a culture of continuous improvement, the ATS team provided innovative solutions to reduce downtime and eliminate repetitive events through root cause analysis and defining specific actions needed to avoid recurrence. Organized weekly meetings established alignment with the manufacturer to ensure completion of preventive maintenance tasks and to review results, encouraging consistent delivery.

Value-added partnership

By systematically addressing root causes, implementing proactive maintenance plans, and delivering comprehensive maintenance best practices, the team not only resolved immediate issues but also contributed to the long-term efficiency and reliability of the plant.

This collaborative approach has not only streamlined operations but also strengthened the partnership between ATS and plant leadership, demonstrating ATS dedication to excellence in every aspect of service.

“ATS created the environment where we can improve the KPIs and overall performance of the facility.

Thank you to the team; you are a partner with us and helping our company achieve our goals.”
– Contract Administrator


  • 50% reduction in downtime within 2 years
  • $660,700+ cost savings within 3 years
  • Exceeded year over year cost savings goals
  • Achieved highest level of Operating System Maturity
  • Manufacturer can focus on core competencies – products and customers

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