Tech That Saves Us Time + Money

When it comes down to it, few people would pass up the opportunity to save both time and money. The good news is that thanks to the technology behind many of today’s brands, a variety of apps, products and services offer just that. We took a closer look at a variety of offerings to compare the best modern-day options to save time and money.

In our digital age, all that’s needed to sell merchandise is a device and an internet connection. Many sales processes can be automated, and products distributed en masse. Industry disruptors like Warby Parker and Birchbox make shopping for everyday items like prescription glasses and make-up more affordable, as well as less time-consuming with subscription services.

Meanwhile, curated clothing services such as Trunk Club and Le Tote allow customers to rent or buy clothes on a monthly basis, saving them both time and cash. Companies like MeUndies knock the socks off traditional shopping with automated clothing delivery.

Tech is even saving people minutes and dollars in their kitchens. Meal boxes have revolutionized how people plan, prepare and eat their food. From Plated to Blue Apron, to Sun Basket, meal kits can now be delivered to your door on a weekly basis, with a personalized ingredient list.

Travel has also undergone a tech overhaul. Travel Fare aggregators like Skyscanner save travel bucks on airfare. Property rental marketplaces like Airbnb and HomeAway provide globetrotters on a budget an alternative to cost-prohibitive, high-end hotels.

Even everyday gadgets and tools have had a tech fix-up. Power banks make charging smart devices on-the-go more convenient. LED light bulbs cuts down the electric bill, lasting longer at a lower price.

Money transfers, budgeting and investing have also become more accessible, affordable and efficient. Budgeting tools like Mint offer web-based personal financial management services while Venmo allows users to transfer money quickly without additional costs.

The media industry is also telling a more cost-effective story with tech: streaming services like Hulu Plus and Netflix offer video-on-demand online and premium subscription packages that have maximum impact on consumer’s time and dollars.

Efficiency in transport has also taken flight in recent years. Trains once ran at one speed, and gas-guzzling cars made an unavoidable dent on drivers’ wallets. Now, bullet trains save travelers’ time, and electric vehicles save them gas money. Meanwhile, car share services like Uber and Lift save riders both time and money, winning the tech trophy for biggest impact in transportation.

Ultimately, time is money. Tech saves us both. Technology has disrupted nearly every industry, from transportation to retail. While these standout companies are reinventing the customer experience with tech, next-gen disruptors are already making tomorrow’s industries more efficient and affordable than ever.



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