Beyond Zero: Social Well-Being

Watch this video to learn how our Beyond Zero program extends to our employees’ social well-being.


A big part of social health is developing those relationships. Moving from Wisconsin to the Peoria area, I didn’t know anybody and needed to get out there and find jobs and things to do, develop a new community for fitness and doing other things.

It is scary to be the new guy in certain situations and to go out there and put yourself out there, introduce yourself, be the first person to make the first move. Making one relationship though can then kind of waterfall into so many more. One friend that I made introduced me to my gym and people that I’ve met from the gym have gotten me new career opportunities, different friendships, different networking, and different volunteering that I am involved in.

Putting yourself out there and being the person to make the first move is definitely worth it. It’s going to pan out for you, we’ve all been the new guys somewhere and at work it’s the same thing. I try to always remember what it was like to be the new guy when there is a new guy and when new people join the ATS team, to be the person that introduces myself and says hello and hi.

Volunteering isn’t just necessarily not for profit. It’s not just the Red Cross and food banks and things like that. Volunteering is other things like little league. The refs don’t get paid to do little league so there is a lot of different things that you can just be a part of. If there is nothing charitable that jumps out at you, that you want to be a part of, you can still get out there and volunteer as a way to make friends.

People are really great sounding boards and way more understanding than we give a lot of people credit for. Developing those relationships to be able to talk through things, to have somebody to workout with to have somebody to do things with. I know I personally, for me, fitness is my mental health. That’s how I unwind. I’m a very busy person between work, school and things I have going on. When I start to feel like I’m in a lull, going to the gym is great fitness-wise, but also, I go to my gym for the people that are there. I can workout anywhere, I could workout on my own, but the people that are there make a big difference for me the accountability the camaraderie that we have.