Beyond Zero: Physical Well-Being

Watch this video to learn how our Beyond Zero program extends to our employees’ physical well-being.


I started my health journey about 2 years ago when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It scared me to death. I had to take a second look at myself and see what I was doing wrong, and the first obvious thing was my diet. I was using food to cover up a lot of frustration and issues surrounded by work so, I changed my diet.

The first thing I changed and got rid of was the soft drinks. Coke, Pepsi things like that and just drank straight water. I started seeing some results from that, and that inspired me to do more. Then I started trying to exercise as well. When you have that much weight on you it takes a toll on your knees and that started to become a problem, so I went a bought a bike. That helped me get more weight off until I finally got to where I could start walking and jogging. Then that just progressed to moving into the gym.

Now I am down about 150/160 pounds, depending on the day. I feel great. I feel a lot better than I have been actually. I don’t know if this is a thing, but I have actually been undiagnosed of type 2 diabetes. I don’t take any medicine for it. I was on high blood pressure medicine before that started and I don’t have to take that anymore. It has made a tremendous difference in my life as a dad, friend, and employee, everything. I feel a lot better about where I’m at right now.

The majority of the people that work with ATS are either maintenance technicians or ex maintenance technicians, who have moved up, so there should be a firm understanding of preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance is no different if it’s on a conveyor or if it’s on your body. There should be no stigma in going to your doctor and having them help you prevent catastrophic failures. The only difference is if you have a failure of a bearing on a conveyor you can replace that bearing and get equipment back up. If you have your heart fail on you, you can’t do that. It’s down, you’re done. I know some people probably are concerned about the costs. Where in reality, you can go once a year and it’s free of charge for them to diagnose and check you out and make sure everything is still good.

The most difficult hurdle I had to overcome was accepting the fact that I could do it. I doubted I could do it after I looked in the mirror and saw where I was at. I was like I don’t think I can do this and just kept talking down to myself. Then I finally said, “I am going to do it!”. When I made that decision, which was the hardest decision, actually going and doing it, then I started seeing the results. I think that’s true with anything in life. The hardest part is just getting started. If you’re doubting yourself or you don’t think you can do it just go do it. Take the doubt away. Just go do it and you will see results. If you put in an honest effort you will.