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We know unplanned downtime, technology integrations and the recruitment and retention of maintenance personnel can put your production at risk. Through our reliability expertise in outsourced maintenance and industrial maintenance management, your factory floor will be running like a well-oiled machine.

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Industrial maintenance

Comprehensive program

Get long-term results with a turn-key solution offering people, processes and technology for success.
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Maintenance Multicraft Technicians

Workforce program

Enhance your manufacturing maintenance strategy with the right skilled technical talent.
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Missing Production Deadlines

Short-term support & projects

Receive maintenance assistance when and where you need it.
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“There has been a lot of significant improvements in reducing downtime and aligning with our operational needs. As our production requirements increase, we turn to ATS for additional help.” – Leading Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

Industrial maintenance services to fit your plant

With a customer base that spans across the U.S. and globally, we have the infrastructure to provide the services manufacturers like you need, when and where you need them. ATS creates maintenance solutions specifically designed to fit our customer’s factory floor, maintenance needs and operational goals.

Our commitment to flexibility, transparency and collaboration is foundational to our success, and we pride ourselves in a work philosophy built upon continuous improvement and thorough alignment to our customers’ business goals. That’s why when we engage with your maintenance process and operations, we don’t just consider you our customer – you’re our partner in production excellence.

Worker idea

Wide-range of industry-specific equipment expertise

Operations Unnecessary Costs

Reduced maintenance labor and costs

Engineering Increase Uptime OEE

Increased machine availability, uptime and throughput

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Learn how we take industrial plant maintenance to a new level with our holistic approach to asset reliability from ATS thought leaders and industry experts.

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