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We complete your maintenance and repairs with a high level of quality and expertise

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Trust and rely on our team of technical experts whenever and wherever you need them

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Less need to manage personnel

Instead of training and supervising technicians, you can focus on your core competencies

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Never has manufacturing been more competitive than it is today. To compete successfully, you must pursue all methods of achieving efficiency and costs savings. In addition to leaner practices and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), are there other areas for boosting efficiency and optimization? More and more manufacturers are choosing to outsource to maintenance companies to better manage the new realities of manufacturing.

Our expert outsourced maintenance services can help manufacturers like you increase their ROI. No matter your role, working with ATS to optimize machine uptime offers significant benefits to your bottom line. As your expert maintenance partner, we’ll help you increase productivity, decrease costs and discover new opportunities.


Comprehensive program

We partner with you to shift the ownership, leadership, workforce, recruiting and training responsibilities off your plate so you can focus on core competencies.

  • Increase machine availability, uptime and throughput
  • Reduce maintenance labor and material costs
  • Minimize total cost of ownership

Workforce program

Through our proven acquisition strategies, we provide you the skilled technicians and supervisors for your unique production environment.

  • Experienced talent recruitment
  • Continuous technical training
  • Robust employee benefits

Short-term support & projects

Our short-term industrial plant maintenance services enable you to access support when and where you need it most from reliability experts and multi-craft technicians to machine operators.

  • Regional and national coverage
  • Proven talent acquisition and retention
  • Safety excellence

Add value with an external partner

Manufacturers choose outsourced facility maintenance services over in-house maintenance for various reasons. If you find that maintenance is put off until absolutely necessary, jobs require rechecking and redoing, you lack a reliable inventory management system, your human resources department is overworked, you can’t find the technical talent to fill maintenance positions, and/or recruiting and training are taking too much staff time, then you need to get in touch with ATS. Let us help you implement a maintenance program that will reduce downtime and increase efficiency.

  • Maintenance services to fit your needs
  • Access to IIoT technologies and analytics
  • Allows you to focus on core competencies

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Outsourced maintenance resources

Discover how external maintenance expertise can streamline your operations and increase overall productivity

Outsourced maintenance services for manufacturers

Our expert technicians provide a range of integrated and streamlined processes across process and discrete manufacturers that help plants improve reliability and lower costs. Outsource some or all of your industrial maintenance tasks.

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