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Commitment to Innovation: Machine Health Monitoring Platform Enhancements


PEORIA, IL – (February 27, 2024) – Advanced Technology Services, Inc. (ATS), a leading industrial services provider, today announced a series of enhancements to its flagship Reliability 360® (R360®) Machine Health Monitoring platform. The innovations, rolled out to existing customers in 2023 and now generally available, reflect ATS’s ongoing commitment to prioritizing the needs of its customers.

R360® Machine Health Monitoring is an end-to-end, cloud-based condition monitoring platform. It uses sensors to collect and centralize data and integrated AI to aid ATS experts who analyze issues and provide corrective actions to on-site maintenance teams, preventing costly unplanned downtime. Among the latest key enhancements are:

  • Streamlined User Experience: The dashboard displays critical events upfront, providing immediate access to actionable insights without additional clicks, while enabling as-needed access to additional information by clicking into the asset.
  • Efficient Asset Monitoring: A shift to asset-level monitoring allows condition monitoring experts to handle one event at a time, rather than multiple independent events pertaining to the same asset, improving user efficiency and overall reliability.
  • Remote Sensor Updates: Devices can now be configured in real time from a dashboard, eliminating the need for physical intervention, extending sensor relevance and longevity, and accelerating sensor troubleshooting.
  • Cost Avoidance Visibility: Enhancements to the dashboard’s cost avoidance savings representation benefit companies down to the site level. It provides holistic, real-time visibility of costs across all the manufacturer’s connected sites as well as the ability to drill down to individual plant operations, revealing production, maintenance, and parts and materials savings data.
“Customer feedback drove many of the features in this powerful set of enhancements.

We strongly believe in prioritizing customer-driven innovations not only to meet current needs but also to exceed them in anticipation of future requirements. Proactively seeking customer input to drive platform optimizations and continually adding new features helps to keep our solutions industry-leading.”
– Micah Statler, Director of Industrial technologies, Advanced Technology services

Chris LeBeau, Chief Technology Officer at ATS, added: “In early 2023, ATS was recognized by Fortune as one of America’s Most Innovative Companies. These latest enhancements to the platform represent yet another milestone in our ongoing innovation journey.”

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