Digital transformation in manufacturing

Through data and new-age technologies, manufacturers can transform the way they approach manufacturing maintenance. These new systems foster opportunities for improved changes in productivity and efficiency.

Learn more about how you can adopt digital transformation at your plant and reap the benefits of being at the forefront of manufacturing.

  • Worker idea
    Be in the vanguard

    Only one in four manufacturers have a digital transformation strategy, and less than half have begun making a transformation

  • Use data to lower costs
    Improved data visibility

    Adoption of digital transformation makes way for more cohesive data and insights

  • Operations Unnecessary Costs
    Lower costs

    With more visibility into data and performance downtime can be anticipated and planned for resulting in less reactive maintenance costs


Increasing sustainability in production

While sustainability can stem from supply chain and logistics partners, a targeted approach includes adjusting manufacturing and maintenance processes.

Discover common strategies manufacturers use to enhance sustainability and learn how to measure sustainability performance when implementing improvements.


Inspiring the next generation manufacturing workforce

The future of manufacturing, in a word, is people. More specifically, those on the verge of considering their career path.

Inspiring the next generation to pursue careers in manufacturing is up to manufacturers and industry leaders. Learn the challenges of developing the next manufacturing workforce and strategies to engage them for a positive outlook.