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Distribution Center Industrial Maintenance


Maintenance up to the task of distribution center demand

Distribution centers, always a backbone of the economy, have grown increasingly important as online shopping increases. The demand for distribution centers often means that the machines that keep them running are working around the clock — forklifts, conveyors, sorters, automation equipment and more. Any downtime in operations has a ripple effect, leading to delayed delivery, increased burden on downstream carriers and the potential for lost revenue.

Distribution center industrial maintenance must be up to the task of sustaining this equipment: maximizing uptime, anticipating and avoiding potential problems, ensuring that issues are addressed efficiently, and building a maintenance culture throughout the facility. ATS offers distribution center maintenance services that can help fill these needs, with a scope ranging from comprehensive distribution center maintenance solutions to assistance meeting surge demand.

Distribution center maintenance solutions and skills

The wide range of equipment and material handling needs in a distribution center means that a diverse set of maintenance expertise must be available. Unfortunately, this requirement is often difficult to fill. However, through ATS you have access to trained, experienced technicians who have the ability to provide machine-specific distribution center maintenance when you need it.

Our services include:

  • Part repairs: Our highly skilled technicians have the experience and technical knowledge to perform any electronic and mechanical repair with the highest quality and turnaround, all at significant cost savings versus buying new.
  • MRO asset management: Let our team help implement and optimize your parts inventory through storeroom management, repairable parts management and supply chain and procurement services.
  • Technical training: We provide industrial maintenance mechanic training in CNC/PLC, electronic, mechanical, robotics, and many other courses suited to fit the needs of your operations.

Backed by three decades of experience, ATS offers best-in-class distribution center industrial maintenance services. We are pioneers in the field of contract maintenance, and we look forward to discussing your needs and creating a maintenance plan that will reduce downtime and costs while improving efficiency and productivity. For more information, contact us today.

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