The ATS Industrial Maintenance Maturity Assessment measures a factory’s maintenance acumen and how well the facility demonstrates and applies labor, technology and a performance mindset. Based on our proprietary methodology, the assessment utilizes maintenance performance data across 16 factors, helping to pinpoint low levels of performance and identifying capability gaps to accelerate the maintenance transformation journey. Factors assessed include on-time delivery, unplanned downtime, site scrap rate, OEE, site capacity, downtime due to spare parts, CMMS utilization and more. Output can also come in the form of an operational excellence playbook.

Interested in getting a maintenance assessment?  Submit a form through the button below and one of our industrial maintenance experts will reach out to you to gather additional information needed to deploy the assessment. We will then use the results to plot you on our maintenance maturity curve and provide you with a roadmap to a stronger reliability-centered maintenance strategy.