Solve your labor gaps

From filling your skills gap to cultivating continuous improvement, ATS brings more than staffing labor to the table. We augment your workforce by providing on-site surge support and technology-driven process improvement, ensuring machine health and your factory production remains efficient.

We provide technician support when and where you need it, skilled technical and reliability expertise and best-in-class maintenance processes.

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Faster, more efficient access to skilled, multi-craft technicians

The ever-expanding skills gap affects all technical areas of manufacturing, from machine operation to maintenance – finding the right candidate with the right skills has never been more challenging.

We ensure the highest level of technical skill through our ongoing technical training and certification, network of subject matter experts and robust recruiting strategy. Get multi-craft technicians that can provide a variety of equipment specific services – helping you improve maintenance within your factory.

Heavy equip process maintenance

Maintenance technicians

Get multi-craft technicians for your plant, anytime, anywhere

Improve Plant Performance OEE

Production operators

Access operators to run your machines when you need them

Industrial Technology

Predictive technology

Implement predictive technologies for proactive maintenance

Maintenance Predictive Tech

Automation integration

Upgrade and modernize your legacy equipment

PLC and CNC Controls

Machine health assessment

Get an assessment to find potential issues for your critical assets

Manage special projects

Strategy consulting

Access our maintenance and reliability expertise

Solving operational challenges together

We’ve helped hundreds of leading manufacturers transform their maintenance operations into a more efficient and better running production operation.

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    Nearly twenty percent of the ATS team is active military or veterans

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    ATS has a 50% lower recordable incident rate than industry average

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    Our technicians receive over 75,000 hours of technical training annually

“ATS has the knowledge, processes and recruiting expertise to find top-level maintenance talent – something we can’t do.” – COO, LEading CPG Manufacturer