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Driving Aerospace Manufacturing Plant’s Uptime Near 100%



Efforts to avoid downtime at an aerospace technology plant are complicated due to its use of specialized and largely outdated production machinery. Maintenance quality issues have also constrained the ability to produce and generate revenue, and gaps in work order management and accountability have caused important work to be missed.

To address these challenges, a partnership with ATS was formed in 2016 that succeeded in improving the site’s uptime and performance to generate more than $200 million in revenue annually.


ATS delivers a turnkey solution comprised of technical talent, standardized processes, new technologies, storeroom and parts management, as well as services to maintain building assets such as lighting, air conditioning and roofing. ATS’s eFactory Pro CMMS also supports continuous improvement initiatives in work order management, work prioritization, planning and scheduling.

Effective collaboration, adaptability and a breadth and depth of skills drove a sharp upward trend in predictive maintenance task completion and equipment availability while reducing downtime and reactive work.


  • Improved KPI’s and lowered costs with 98% equipment uptime
  • Tooling refurbishment vs. buying new saved $83,000
  • 9.93 average Voice of Customer rating
  • Rapid Improvement Events proactively address potential issues
  • Leadership can focus on core objectives – products and customers
We are performing at the highest level with 98% uptime. The ATS team keeps our production and the facility running. Even as production increases, ATS maintains a high-quality service level.” – Supply chain director

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