Delivering Results for Our Customers

CEO Jeff Owens shares how our people, processes and technologies help our customers’ factories run better.


I’ve worked at ATS for 30 years, and we break it down into one phrase. We make factories run better, and we do that by being really good at maintaining automated equipment. Because I mean, everything in a manufacturing plant, we really get into taking care of it and how do you proactively maintain it and work very hard, so it doesn’t fail?

You wonder why our customers hire us versus doing this work themselves? Usually, that has been maintenance is broken, I’m not getting the performance of the assets that I want. I’m missing deliveries to my customers. I have a lot of machines that are down, and I need, I need help with that.

When you go in and say, “Well why did you hire us?” They say, “Well you guys know what you’re doing. You have experience in this equipment”, but it comes down to you have really good people. They really know what they are doing. They know the technology. They know how to take care of it, and they also have the right attitude and approach. They’re depending on us to deliver fantastic service in productivity to them, and we can’t do that without fantastic employees who really know what they’re doing.