CEO Jeff Owens Talks About the ATS Culture

ATS CEO, Jeff Owens, shares his thoughts on our culture and why they are at the core of everything we do.


I love our company. It’s been my whole work life. I love our employees. I love the way they work. I love their commitment and their engagement at ATS. I don’t care how big we are, our philosophy, our culture is. We’re all peers.

I’ve grown up at this company. I started out as a junior trainee. Ok, I may have the title of CEO, but I don’t think of myself any different than any other employee. I mean, we’re all like a team were all kind of working together. I feel the engagement. I hear what they’re talking about. Many times, I have to sit back and pinch myself and go – This is remarkable, it is because we’ve got great teams that are totally bought into the vision and it’s like a multiplying effect and it just kind of keeps going. That’s the philosophy that we must have. We’re one big team or all working together.

Our ideas are equal and valued. The great ideas and what drives ATS to get to where we want to be are really not going to come from me. They’re going to come from somewhere in the organization, but we better have our ears open and listen to them and understand them and grasp them and put time and energy behind them. To me, that’s what it’s all about, and that’s kind of who we are. That is the heart and soul and that comes back to the culture of ATS.