Reduce costs with MRO parts repair

Part failure is an inevitable aspect of manufacturing; whether it was from faulty design or normal wear and tear, your parts will eventually need attention. Having a proactive plan that addresses the root cause of a failing part can prevent failure from happening in the future — that’s why we provide a data-driven MRO service parts management program designed to continually improve the reliability of industrial components — and the machines they go into.

The program is managed by ATS through an on-site lead responsible for the end-to-end process execution that focuses on improving part reliability and reducing overall part costs. Through our competitive repair pricing and strategic sourcing for legacy assets, we provide our customers world-class maintenance and spare parts management.

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Continuous Improvement Tech Driven

Managed repairs

By applying the same analytical, data-driven approach to spare parts management for maintenance, your repairable parts are ready when you need them

Operations Unnecessary Costs

Reduced spend on MRO parts

Price and performance analysis ensures you get the most cost-efficient solution for parts repair or replacement


Fewer equipment failures

Through root cause analysis, part rebuilds, emergency repairs and more, our spare parts management optimizes manufacturing efficiency


Your trusted source for parts repair

Our specialized partnerships and highly skilled technicians get your equipment back up and running, no matter how obscure or old the part, component, or machine.

  • 160+ supplier partnerships
  • 1000+ OEM brands serviced
  • 60,000+ part SKUs
  • 2X ROI in cost savings
  • 200% extended product operating life

Types of parts we repair

With ATS parts and machine repair, you can save up to 50% by repairing your parts vs. buying new

  • Industrial controls
  • Electronics
  • Position controls
  • Plant automation
  • Mechanical
  • Power train/motion
  • Electro-mechanical
Top OEMs we support
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