Struggling to recruit and retain skilled labor?

The retiring workforce and industrial technologies are increasing at a rapid rate. With fewer of the next generation entering the field, consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers struggle to find and retain a skilled labor.

However, there are tactics you can use to help overcome recruiting and retention challenges within your maintenance operation.


Tips on recruiting maintenance technicians

The skills, certifications and experience that most positions require are difficult to find in candidates and expectations are not always aligned with what companies can offer. This blog suggests ways manufacturers can overcome challenges by:

  • Searching for “soft skills” and hard training
  • Testing candidates’ knowledge
  • Tailoring job description to your needs
  • Expanding the search geographically

Combat retention issues and the skills gap

This short video discusses today’s changing workforce and shares tips on how to overcome challenges around retention and skills gaps.

“Our recruiting team is robust and skilled at finding quality candidates. We use various tools and technologies, through channels such as job boards, social media or trade/technical schools and community colleges.”
– Chris Bakos, Director technical training