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With over three decades of preventive and predictive maintenance experience, we know the importance of asset reliability in meeting pharmaceutical manufacturing goals. Our predictive maintenance services offer condition-based monitoring technologies to improve labor and production efficiency through a data and analysis-driven approach.

Implementing predictive maintenance eliminates unplanned downtime and improves safety through the early identification of changes in machine health. When less time is spent on reactive maintenance, technicians become more efficient, production schedules are met and costs are reduced.

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Predictive maintenance program saves manufacturer $43K

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According to the McKinsey management consulting firm, predictive maintenance can generate substantial savings by increasing production line availability by 5% to 15% and reducing maintenance costs by 18% to 25%.

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Predictive maintenance technologies can provide many benefits when utilized as a part of your maintenance strategy – increased insights into machine health, ability to eliminate unplanned downtime and improved productivity and long-term ROI. We utilize these technologies through our predictive maintenance services to make your pharmaceutical manufacturing facility run better and smarter.

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“ATS has become an integral part of our team. Since joining us in 2003, there has been a significant reduction in machine downtime as well as an increase in our ability to predict and prevent machine failure.” – Vice President, Leading Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

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