MRO Supply Chain Solutions

Attempting to manage hundreds of vendors, disorganized inventory systems and localized and/or niche repair houses makes getting the right part at the right time nearly impossible. Our supply chain & procurement program applies best practices to your MRO supply chain management system making it easy to locate hard to find parts – so your storeroom stays organized with only what you need, not what you don’t.

Our MRO procurement services operate 24/7, leading to shorter mean time to repair. And, by reviewing your supplier portfolios, we help you get the best possible pricing on your MRO inventory.

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Each function of MRO works together

It’s important to remember how each pillar of MRO affects the next. They are all connected and depend on each other to optimize organizational efficiency. We breakdown the MRO functions into four different pillars: storeroom management, inventory management, repairable parts management and supply chain procurement.

Understanding how they affect your operation is the key to success. To do this you can focus on one simple, powerful insight: emphasize reliability, and everything else follows. Most organizations and suppliers don’t focus on parts as an important source of information for connecting larger issues. Using lean manufacturing methods followed by dependable, optimized inventory management, root cause analysis and advanced supply chain controls encompass the four interconnected pillars creating an integrated MRO solution.

Time clock

24/7/365 support

Emergency procurement from skilled personnel meets critical, time-sensitive needs.

Continuous Improvement Processes

Source obsolete parts

Difficult-to-find and obsolete parts, with our licensed 400+ legacy components.


Strategic logistics

Lower carrying costs by optimizing what you stock on-site vs. off-site or delivered just-in-time.


Increase supply chain resiliency

With the widespread supply chain disruptions and rising customer expectations impacting manufacturing operations, all eyes are on digitalization as the answer to procurement agility and resilience. Learn how to drive visibility and transparency for a more efficient supply chain in this eBook.

Explore MRO storeroom resources

Learn how we take storeroom efficiency to a new level with our comprehensive approach to maintenance storeroom management from ATS thought leaders and industry experts.

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