Struggling to recruit and maximise productivity?

The retiring workforce and industrial technologies are increasing at a rapid rate. With fewer of the next generation entering the field, manufacturers struggle to find and retain a skilled workforce resulting in unnecessary downtime within their facilities. Read on to learn how you can overcome these challenges.


Tips on recruiting maintenance technicians

The skills, certifications and experience that most positions require are difficult to find in candidates and expectations are not always aligned with what companies can offer. This blog suggests ways manufacturers can overcome challenges by:

  • Searching for “soft skills” and hard training
  • Testing candidates’ knowledge
  • Tailoring job description to your needs
  • Expanding the search geographically

Keep your plant running

Production downtime, especially when unexpected, equates to lost money for the business. If a machine is not operating, it is not generating revenue — creating additional costs in repairs, replacement parts, and labour or resources.

Here are some tips to maintain some level of operation when experiencing unexpected downtime:

  • Have the right personnel on hand
  • Review and optimise inventory and MRO management
  • Shore up your supply chain
  • Instil maintenance training as part of your organizational culture
  • Get ahead of problems as early as possible